How we came to be

Hi! I’m Helen. About HelenOver the years, I’ve become more and more aware about the impact I have on this beautiful world. I’ve always tried to do my bit. For example, compost bin in the garden, separating the recyclables, donating to opportunity shops, reading the labels of household products to ensure they were environmentally safe and that no animals were harmed.

However, as a mother of three children, all now grown, there were times when our house seemed to burst with ‘stuff’ for everyday living –  objects for cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning, organising, decorating, playing, socialising, gardening, travelling…and on the list goes.

Then a few years ago, we downsized to apartment living, and my goodness!…was there a lot of stuff that we’d accumulated over those busy ‘raising a family’ years that needed to be culled. We donated, recycled and re-purposed as much as possible, because we just didn’t have the space in our new place to take everything with us.

It was a great opportunity to set up our new home consciously – with much greater awareness of what’s really needed in a home, and a focus on selecting items that have minimal impact on the environment and maximum contribution to healthy living.

This sparked a great interest in sourcing products for the home that were eco friendly, and!…began my journey which has led to the creation of this website.

I’m glad to have you along and hope you find the site useful as you create your own eco home. I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts, so please feel free to be a part of this community by commenting on any of the posts or sending me a note:

Great to be in touch! Enjoy!


PS: We’ve since moved to the country…now living on 10 acres in central Victoria, Australia. We enjoyed apartment living for a few years, but a long held dream of being a country gal could not be suppressed. Loving it here with the chooks and ducks and lavender rows and giant veggie patch.

2 thoughts on “How we came to be

  1. Lauren Kinghorn

    What an awesome story… and beautiful site, Helen! We also have so much stuff, and I dream of doing the same one day – when the children are a bit older. Or maybe sooner. Gulp. On second thoughts, let’s stick to later. HUGE JOB to tackle. I take my hat off to you!

    1. Helen

      It is a big job Lauren, and for me, it was all about being in the right place and time in my life to do it. While you’ve got the kids around, just enjoy all the noise and bustle and even the clutter. Thanks for visiting!


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