Reusable cutlery set for 4 – knife, fork & spoon

Ecosoulife cutlery cluster – reusable & biodegradable
No single-use plastic cutlery here! You can use this cutlery over and over again…and when you’re ready to throw it away, just drop it in your compost bin or dig it into your garden. The cutlery is made from biodegradable materials – bamboo and corn starch.

Sand cutlery set  Blue cutlery set    Blue & pink cutlery set


Cutlery set in mesh bag

Cutlery set in mesh bag

Each piece of cutlery is a good size, with a comfortable grip. Sturdy too. There’s four forks, four knives and four spoons in each set, cleverly housed in a canvas and mesh bag. So portable. So easy to just throw the set in your picnic basket, handbag or reusable carry bag, and off you go.